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Jim White Contracting LLC Other Services

Basement Remodeling

Your basement doesn’t have to be dank and outdated. Give it a makeover and make it into an essential part of your home with basement remodeling from Jim White Contracting LLC. From planning through execution, our team of experienced contractors will transform your basement and give it new life.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. And when it comes time to remodel it, you need a general contractor that understands your vision, your needs, and your budget. You need a kitchen remodeler that puts the client first and prioritizes quality workmanship that’s built to last.

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Bathroom Remodeling

You deserve a bathroom that brings together style and comfort. We’re here to make it happen. We are Jim White Contracting LLC, a general contractor that’s known throughout the region for striking the perfect balance between form and function.

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